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2016-07-04 18:45:23 by BlastBeats

I just uploaded Deceiving Death, and for those who might be interested in what the project looks like inside FL 12, I thought it would be cool to combine some printsceens of it.

It satisfies me to look at this, and think: "I did a lot, lol"

Project screenshot

Technical difficulties

2016-07-02 16:07:09 by BlastBeats

Since I got great advice in the reviews of my first song, I got into the technical stuff behind music production. I practiced what I wasn't good at in separate songs. All those songs each have at least one production aspect, that gave my music more quality. Now there are two problems though... 1. I'm not able to combine everything I've learned so far into a song. For instance, I can't do a lot of sound design, and mix everything well. Somehow, I mess up badly. I feel like I should to upload content, which should become better quality wise over time. I haven't finished any projects in a long time because I'm not able to make such quality music, even though I expect me to. (brain weirdness) I think of letting go that quality goal. That leads me to the second point: I don't feel creative when I'm just learning. Sure, I can make something I don't usually make, and it'll sound like a song, but it wouldn't have any soul (which is my goal).

I want to try to set a reasonable goal for myself. I want to make good music. The quality will improve the more experience I have. For now, I just don't only want to learn while making music. I want to have fun, and use my feelings more than my brain.

If you sat there reading this, being like: "Hey, I've experienced this too!" Be sure to share thoughts!

Hope to be back soon,

- BlastBeats

Lost Cosmonauts

2016-06-15 09:38:48 by BlastBeats

Almost a year ago Charlie Evans, the developer of the game Lost Cosmonaut, contacted me to make music for his game. Honoured as I was, I started making 6 songs in total for him. These are now the official soundtracks for the game!

Charlie made the game himself, all of it! I have to give the man some credit for that, because he did a lot, and Lost Cosmonaut is extra awesome considering the fact that one person was able to do all the things usually all the people in the credits of a game do! Show him some love. Lost Cosmonaut is purchasable on Steam for 7 euros.

For more details and the trailer, visit

In game screenshot

Why electronic music?

2016-02-24 16:50:06 by BlastBeats

The main reason is to let people understand me. When I talk, most of the time people can't follow my train of thoughts. I always feel like thinking too much, and that nobody understands me. That got me into drawing and music. While making art, you're able to express your thoughts without having to explain them using words. Art is a better way to communicate in my opinion compared to language, because there isn't a word for every feeling you have.

Some years ago, I listened to a lot of metal. I hated electronic music. It was "fake". A computer couldn't produce songs that contained human feelings. Yeah... I was a fan of the energetic metal drums. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to get rid of all your suppressed anger with powerful punches? Three years ago, I drummed sometimes at school, but drumming didn't feel like a relief. That meant the end of my blast beats.

A year ago, I got familiar with NG, and listened to some amazing computer made songs. I was instantly convinced that electronic music could have soul. After some research, I discovered FL Studio, and that’s the start of BlastBeats. It’s my aim to make music that clearly expresses feelings, even though those may not be able to be described with words. Every song I make will have a deeper imaginative layer. I’m aware of what I want something to sound like, and what I’m able to make something sound like.

Making music... Let's face this challenge!